True Pioneering – Meet Leicester Circuits

Leicester Circuits is a company that was created more than 50 years ago and is responsible for manufacturing circuit boards in the United Kingdom, but also sells and imports internationally. It’s one of the most requested companies for this particular service.

They work with companies in the UK and also internationally, for which they’re duly certified and have been given the proper supply of information on everything related to this topic.

AerospaceMilitaryOil&GasMotorsportMedicalLeicester Circuits are two of the most popular customers that Leicester Circuits has won over time and have remained permanently. Even working with other people related to this world, it’s a topic that you really like, it never becomes work, and you’re simply developing your passion.

Their factory is one of the biggest and most stocked in everythingthat has to do with the PCB with great quality in all its products and products, located in the United Kingdom and being all legally audited and approved.

What Is PCB?


Its abbreviation means printed circuit board, and it’s a surface for manufacturing and manufacturing with materials and other things. Its main function is to interconnect the various components that are part of the circuit in question.

Main Objective

The main objective of the company is to try to improve any electronic and technological creations that customers request but at the same time creating new innovations and technologies to improve production.

Years of Experience


Leicester has established itself as one of the companies dedicated to the manufacture of more solid circuit boards across Europe, having more than 50 years working and training in the world of PCB.

That’s why they’re experts in the area, and also, with a wide variety of high-end products and technological innovation that you can acquire.

The Fastest

One of the qualities that customers value most about this company, in addition to the high quality of all its products and the innovations that are in this area of electronics; is that they have really become the fastest in manufacturing or renewing any type of electronic product, where they don’t take more than 2 weeks to complete it. Everything in record time.

They Please their Clients


The main objective of Leicester is to fully satisfy customers in any of the orders or needs that customers themselves demand, always trying to provide the best quality and overcome any expectations they have about the work and the company.

The Best Solutions

The company has an I & D department, which is in charge of carrying out the most brilliant technological creations of all, to try to find the best solutions for our customers and with the most indispensable materials of all for the creation of new technologies for the creation and production of a high quality PCB.

This company has remained one of the best manufacturers of PBC, for a good reason, and not only in the United Kingdom, but we speak at European level, trying not only to improve but also innovate in any technological and electronic creation.