Identifying Bedbugs and Getting Rid of Them

Identifying Bedbugs and Getting Rid of Them

Although some may not have had to call on the services of a company offering bedbug eradication in Edinburgh, this doesn’t mean that they should rest on their laurels.

Even the most hygienic of properties can find that there subjected to bedbugs, simply because of the way they’re transported.

Rather than build a nest-like other pest, bedbugs prefer to hibernate in hiding places that others would struggle to use.

Where Bedbugs are Located

Given their name, it’s easy to assume that bedbugs will only occur in mattresses.

This is partly true because a mattress is a favourite hiding place, but it’s not only hiding place.

As such, they can also be found in clothing and couches, as well as bed frames and headboards.

The reason why bedbugs can reside in so many places around the home is that their flattened bodies make it easy for them to hide.

As well as the more obvious hiding places, it’s not unusual for bedbugs to start moving on to crevices and hidden locations.

Their size has often been compared to the width of a credit card.

Identifying a Bedbug

Those that haven’t caught sight of bedbugs in the past will be keen to know what to look out for when ascertaining as to whether an infestation has taken place or not.

Bedbugs are very small, brown and oval in their appearance, although they will swell after feeding.

When bedbugs are present in the home, they will often bite both animal and humans until the infestation is dealt with.

The Effects of Bedbugs

Although it’s evident that bedbugs bite, those that haven’t contended with bedbugs before may assume that the bite is due to something else, such as a mosquito bite.

As such, if bites are occurring on a regular basis, then it may be worthwhile considering calling a professional to determine the source of the problem and ensure the issue is rectified as soon as possible.

Dealing with Bedbugs in the Right Way

Although there are methods that help lessen the number of bedbugs such a new mattress, the problem will continue unless dealt with in the right way.

Some may assume that the presence of bedbugs indicates a dirty home, but the onset of bedbugs can happen in any property.

As such, replacing the mattress or carrying out a spring clean isn’t enough, as the mattress will once again become infested should the problem not be dealt with by a seasoned professional.

However, if you’re looking for ways to minimise the likelihood of bedbugs, then there are some steps that can be taken.

These steps included purchasing a specialised mattress cover, as well as removing any clutter around the bed.

It can also be worthwhile checking for any cracks or peeling wallpaper, as again, these are perfect hiding places for bedbugs.

The eradication od bedbugs will generally require the use of chemicals. Attempting to use these chemicals ourselves could mean that all the bedbugs aren’t removed, as well as having the potential to cause health problems to those living in the property.

The use of a professional when getting rid of bedbugs ensures that professional removal is undertaken without having to put the household at risk