Consumer Report – The 6 Best LED Lighting Brands

There are many LED light bulbs that we can use anywhere we want, from your home to your office. But one has to look for quality instead of quantity, that’s why here we bring you some of the best LED lighting brands:

TCP 60W Equivalent LED Light Bulbs Soft White 2700K

This comes in a package with 6 units and is priced at $14. These bulbs are one of the most purchased in the market, in addition to its very affordable price, the lighting it provides in any space is incredible.

Bioluz LED 40 Watt LED Light Bulbs ECO Series Warm White 2700K

This has a price at $14 and brings 6 units only. Many people are delighted by this bulb because it gives color to any site that has a "vintage" look, which will make any place much cooler.

Besides that they’re very resistant, they don’t heat up and they’re one of those that also help to save energy.This is our personal favorites.

Torchstar G25 Globe LED Light Bulb for Bathroom Vanity

These are priced at $20 and bring 6 units, but these bulbs, in particular, have a super great design being a little larger compared to the others. Provides powerful lighting, super warm and you can notice the great difference in quality between these and the traditional yellow bulbs.

Philips LED Non-Dimmable A19 8.5-Watt Frosted Light Bulb 800 Lumen 2700K

This pack of 16 bulbs can be obtained at only $22. It’s one of the best you can find in the market because they’re very warm, which can even provide an appreciation of a totally different place because of the color it offers.

That’s why many people are using them not only in the living room of their home but also in very innovative places such as the kitchen.

Sunco Lighting 6W Dimmable G25 LED Vanity Light Bulb Soft White 2700K

It has a price of $30 and brings 10 units, but it’s the best you can find because it gives you great lighting anywhere and is of the best quality, even some can last for years, and is proven.

AmazonBasics 100 Watt Equivalent

This is an Amazon design that really is very good, but it’s a package that brings only 6 units and is a little more expensive than the previous ones, with a price of $23.

But they’re bulbs with excellent quality, a white light that can illuminate your home like a stadium, besides that you’re also contributing and saving energy.

LED lights have actually become a trend now, but it's a good thing since many of them are designed to save more energy than any other common light bulb. If you want to give a more luminous look to a particular space, don’t hesitate to choose these particularly.


3 LED Headlights Every Car Owner Will Love to Show Off

The LED lights are incredible to illuminate anywhere, thanks to its great ability to perform good lighting, as well as to help the environment with what little they consume. These lights are also versatile with the change of color or intensity they have, in addition to the power they have to be placed anywhere, such as in a car.

In the year a top is made to choose the best LED lights around the world usable for cars to facilitate a quick guide to buyers with the best quality-price, according to the needs of each, so here We have a list of 3 LED Headlights Every Car Owner Will Love to Show Off

Akarui LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

This is a complete kit which contains all the lights of the car in LED, which makes them unique and very special for the driver, the Akarui kit has been optimized, has a very affordable price for the consumer and with incredible quality. It also has a system that facilitates installation, so it can be installed by the owner of the car, so if you are not good with the tools this is the kit you need to buy.

The good thing about this type of kit is that they have resistance to water, dust and all kinds of agents from outside, they are designed not to heat up and stay cold when using them for a long time, this is obtained by the material that is made that is aluminum.

Glowteck LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kit

The Glowteck brand also decided to bring its LED lighting kit for the market to the market, its price is quite accessible too, it is brighter than the previous one since it can reach up to 12,000 Jules of light, which at the same time could generate problems, being Very bright could affect other drivers on the road.

They are resistant to all types of wear like water, dust, weather, and heat. They also have an incredible cooling system with a special aluminum housing that covers them.

OPT7 Fluxbeam H11 LED Headlight Kit

The Fluxbeam brand launched an incredible kit, what happens is that it is a slightly more expensive kit, so if you have a little more money you should buy it, it is the new Fluxbeam OPT7, which is not too expensive, but if it is a little more than normal, but the price is worth it because it has many special things that others do not.

It has a bulb with duration of more than 50000 hours, at maximum illumination, so you would not have to worry about changing it. It also has a fan cooling system, which makes the cooling of the same safer.

Their customer service system is not very good, but generally, they do not have problems with their products. In the market there are great products of this type, so you have a wide range to choose the best for your vehicle.