In the world, there are many fairs responsible for publicizing the great scope of technological lighting and updates that help the systems of the same to improve over the years. These conferences are held throughout the world, in which companies attend looking to show their products to potential customers who could acquire them.

Among the most important events that will occur in the year 2019, are:

InterLumi Panama 2019

It is a fair that will take place in the city of Panama with the intention of creating awareness in people to use light friendly to the planet instead of using harmful light, in addition to exposing LED lights to companies and businesses around the world They meet in this nice country every year.

For this year there is no scheduled date yet, it is expected to be by the middle of the year 2019.


It is a lighting fair that seeks to train people for the placement of LED lighting systems around the world. People from different countries and regions meet in the beautiful city of New York in the month of March.

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

Fair that takes place in Hong Kong, to demonstrate the advances that are made every year in the world of LED lighting and in the structures in which they are placed. People from all over the world visit it since this city is power in the LED world, always looking to place lights that are good for the planet and educate each person so that they are like that.