Our company has thousands of customers around Europe and around the world, from homes, cars, and companies to national monuments, churches and museums, all this type of facilities can be made by our company. We are specialists in any installation of LED lights.

Our client portfolio is very large but we have certain clients and special jobs, among them, are:

Porta d'Europa

It is a bridge located in the port of the city of Barcelona in Spain being one of the bridges best illuminated in the world, with good lighting for the environment because LED lights do not consume too much energy for the country.

Allianz Arena

Our company was part of the placement of high-tech LED lighting in the Bayern Munich stadium, several companies were part of this great work, to achieve great quality in the lighting of this great stadium.

La Fête des Lumières

Many of the exhibitions held during this festival are built and designed by us for our clients in France, who seek to exhibit the best of LED lights and make structures for the enjoyment of the people.

The International Festival of Lights Mexico

In Latin America, we had a beautiful and charming presentation at the international festival of the lights of Mexico, in the capital city of Mexico. In this festival we participate together with companies from all over the world, for different clients of this country, who contacted us through our services, our participation was successful so we could make alliances with Latin American companies for future jobs.